New Alexa Voice Remote Has Built-In Volume and Power Controls

By Nitish Singh / November 8, 2018

Amazon’s Fire TV just got smarter with the new Alexa Voice Remote. At first glance, it seems like the new remote just got a few more buttons, but there is more to it. According to AFTV reports, the device is capable of storing data, and it remembers your volume and power settings internally using “Equipment Control.”

The new feature allows the Alexa Voice Remote to store data from multiple Fire TVs, Fire TV Stick or even any modern TV which allows it to detect and configure the new buttons automatically. The feature is by no means exclusive to the voice remote; it was first introduced in the Fire TV Cube. The feature also allows you to have access to additional controls without using a soundbar or an AV receiver.

In case you have a soundbar or AV receiver you will be able to adjust volume and enable/disable mute on both your TV speakers and your external speakers using the remote. The new power button allows you to shut down not only your TV but also any external speakers that are connected. All of the controls are also accessible via voice commands.

Once the Alexa Voice Remote is configured to work with your hardware, it will work independently from your Fire TV device’s remote controls which is quite useful. You can leave your Fire TV device unplugged and use only the remote to use your TV and/or other audio equipment connected to it. The feature is quite useful for users who keep their Fire TV devices off.

The new remote is also capable of performing all of the tasks a Fire TV Cube is capable of including TV input switching and changing channels by name or number. However, unlike the sound and power features, you need your Fire TV device to be turned on to access them.

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