Netflix, Hulu, And HBO Are Now Free With Certain Cell Phone Plans

By Nitish Singh / March 27, 2018

Smartphones are our most convenient and portable media consumption tools. With the trend of ever-increasing screen size and display quality, our mobile phones can be called a pocket-sized TV. Many of us also acknowledge this fact when we spend hours on our phones streaming on YouTube, or even Netflix and Hulu.

Weighing this in mind, three of the four major wireless carriers have decided to bundle in some video streaming services with their monthly subscription plans. Albeit, free streaming services aren’t the necessary incentive to attract people to use a certain carrier. However, if you are already invested in the streaming service offered by the carrier, then using their plans will help cut down your entertainment costs.

Netflix, Hulu, and HBO

Image Courtesy of The Wrap

For example, HBO lovers will get free access to the channel with all unlimited-data plans offered by AT&T. However, users who don’t currently own any of their TV services - U-Verse, DirecTV or DirecTV Now - will have to open a free DirecTV Now account in order to get the free benefits. Your potential savings will be around $5 on DirecTV Now and $18 on the satellite-based DirecTV.

Now coming to Hulu users, Sprint is offering Hulu’s Limited Commercials streaming service with its unlimited plans. This will help you save around $7.99 per month and let you watch all Hulu content with the occasional advertisements.

Up next, we come to T-Mobile and their One unlimited-data plan with which you get a Netflix Standard subscription for free. But there is a catch - you will have to own two or more lines of the said plan to avail the free Netflix offer. However, this will save you $10.99/month and still get you access to all the great Netflix content. Other than this, with a single line T-Mobile subscription, you can also get access to their free offer.

Apart from T-Mobile, users wanting free Netflix can get so with Verizon’s landline service. Verizon used to offer exclusive NFL streaming, but now anyone can get the feature through the NFL mobile app.

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