My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Release Date, Time, and Where To Read

Written by Samona Punjabi
Published on February 9, 2022

My Hero Academia's latest chapter sets up the upcoming final war, with the manga slated to be finished within the year. Chapter 342 of MHA, titled "The Calm Before The Storm," revealed some information about how All For One had been controlling things for years. It seems that aside from Aoyama, the supervillain had more spies inside U.A. In addition, AFO instructed them to create unrest and force Midoriya out of the school.

Meanwhile, All Might visits Class 1A and tells a few about the secondary plan. In addition, Class 1A is also informed about Aoyama, who is still in isolation. Aizawa visits Kurogiri, while Hawks, Ragdoll, and Best Jeanist discuss plans with Endeavor. Class 1A soon moves into a dormitory called "Troy," 30 km outside of U.A. grounds. While in Troy, Deku spots Uraraka looking over at the city and goes to her to express his gratitude.

Midoriya and Uraraka have a conversation about the speech she gave at U.A. The latter tells Deku about her encounter with Toga and how she wants to understand the villain's point of view. She expresses how she's been struggling with her convictions about what is right and what is wrong. Midoriya, who has had a similar dilemma over Shigaraki Tomura, understands her.

On the other hand, Bakugou, Iida, and Kirishima check up on Shoto Todoroki, who assures them that he is alright. Iida asks Shoto about Touya; however, he explains that he doesn't know anything. Meanwhile, AFO is seen holding a device similar to Spinner's and is preparing for something big. The narration states that the operation begins today.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Release Date and Time

My Hero Academia is a weekly release manga series, with new chapters released every Sunday. However, MHA was on a short week-long hiatus before Chapter 342. This is because mangaka Kohei Horikoshi deals with the manga and anime plotlines and merchandising deals relating to the franchise.

However, it seems that the series is back to its original schedule, with Horikoshi releasing new chapters weekly once again! My Hero Academia Chapter 343 will release on Sunday, February 13, 2022. Fans can check out the release times for the upcoming chapter below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 Release Time

My Hero Academia Chapter 343 will release at the usual time, midnight JST. However, fans across the globe will be able to access it according to their specific time zones. Below are the release times for the upcoming chapter according to particular time zones:

Where Can I Read My Hero Academia Chapter 343?

Fans can read My Hero Academia Chapter 343 on Viz Media's official website and Shueisha's English manga portal Mangaplus. In addition, fans can also read the latest chapters on their phones by simply downloading Viz's ShonenJump App or Mangaplus' official app.

Apart from this, fans can always check out the unofficial fan translations on Twitter and other social media websites. However, we recommend reading the official translations since they're more accurate.

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