Mozilla Launches Two New Apps: Notes for Android & Lockbox for iOS

By Copley Sutton / July 11, 2018

Like most service providers, Mozilla Firefox continually enhances its software and features, but the brand has a unique way of keeping users satisfied. Before an addition becomes a permanent feature, it's first tested on Firefox's Test Pilot platform. This week, Mozilla added two interesting experiments to the mix. The apps are Notes for Android and Lockbox for iOS. They focus on making it easier to function across all devices.

Android users can now take notes and use them anywhere without the tedious task of transferring them manually. The new app will keep the information secure while you can access it via mobile or other devices. This is the latest feature of the Notes browser plugin released earlier.

For iOS, you now have a faster option if you need to enter passwords. The Lockbox app contains the passwords you enter and save within Mozilla's browser. With the app on your phone, you can access the same sites or features without entering the passwords again. Just remember you must enter that information via Firefox. It won't work across other browsers. Access to Lockbox is granted via security measures such as facial recognition or fingerprints.

The new apps are still in their testing phases but that doesn't mean you can't use them yet. They're available in app stores but warnings accompany them. They may still be unstable. If the brand can improve them sufficiently, they can one day become standard features for all Firefox users. If you're interested in trying these feature, join Mozilla's Test Pilot project.

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