Microsoft Windows 11 Is Out – What You Need to Know

By Lore Apostol / October 5, 2021

As of October 4th, Microsoft Windows 11 is out, and eligible Windows 10 owners can already upgrade to the new software for free. Also, if you bought a new laptop recently, you most probably will be able to experience Windows 11, as it comes preinstalled, including Microsoft's Surface. However, since it will roll out gradually, some users could wait as long as until mid-2022 to actually lay their hands on Microsoft's next major operating system.

Right now, you can go to the Windows 10's Settings > Windows Update section - or you may even be able to upgrade immediately without further wait using Microsoft’s new Installation Assistant. If you don't know whether your device is compatible, you can verify using Microsoft's tool that checks your computer and lets you know if your PC, laptop, or tablet is compatible with Windows 11. Unfortunately, it doesn’t what's keeping your system from being compatible if the answer is no, but it appears it might be whether you have the processor support for TMP (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 that is mandatory since July 2016.

If we're not talking about upgrades, Windows 11 product keys for new installs will most probably be available for purchase in 2022, but there is no news about the price tag.

To run Windows 11, you’ll need these system requirements:

Everyone is excited since it brings a slick new user interface, new sounds, a new blue screen, a revamped Start menu, remote work enhancements, a brand new Microsoft Store, empowered multitasking, widgets, gaming-focused performance boosts, Android app compatibility, and more built-in security.

Of course, Windows 11 is expected to improve over time, just like every other Windows software. Still, for the moment, it has some small drawbacks, however pleasant experience it gives with the design overhaul.

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