Microsoft Reported to Be Working On 4K Webcam with Facial Recognition

By Nitish Singh / December 22, 2018

With PC peripherals improving drastically over the years, webcams have not seen too many improvements in recent times. We’re still stuck with blurry video calls and poor lighting from most cameras out there. However, Microsoft seeks to change all of that with a rumored 4K webcam.

Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay hinted at a number of new hardware products coming from the tech giant, and a 4K webcam might be one of the first products in its upcoming lineup. A number of webcams are set to be introduced that support Windows Hello authentication on Xbox and Windows 10 devices.

Panay first hinted at webcams being in development during the Surface Hub 2’s release which features a USB-C webcam. According to a report, the new webcams will also include a high-end variant that will be designed for enterprise users. We don’t know how long these products have been in development and if we will be seeing them anytime soon. We are yet to receive official confirmation from the company about the hardware release.

The new webcams are set to come with a compatible IR camera built-in, and when connected to Windows PCs or Xbox consoles, they could be used for automated sign-ins using facial recognition. Multi-user login may also be enabled for the hardware allowing multiple users to be authorized on the same system and be logged into their individual profiles.

With Windows users being reliant on third-party manufacturers for peripherals, having access to official products from Microsoft can be a game changer. The company was heavily invested into generic hardware peripherals for a long time before it got overshadowed by other manufacturers. The company’s interests in the recent past have been lying in its Xbox products, Holo Lens and products for people with special needs.

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