Microsoft designed project Torino to teach physical programming language for visually impaired

By TechNadu Staff / March 17, 2017

The technology was drastically developing day-by-day. And the non-imaginable things are happening, because of innovative thinkers, all that are based on both mental and physical challenges.

Now the company Microsoft has introduced the project named Torino, it consists of programming language and large colorful toys called pods Tod, a large colorful toy which is developed for visually impairment children. The toy can make sounds, stories, poems, and songs in order to teach the coding concept to the children. This project will be helpful for grasping things easily, especially for children at the age between 7 to 11.

In addition to learning by playing with pods, kids can use an accompanying app to transfer the coding they have created with the physical system into a text-based code and further their projects.

Initially, the project was practiced by the young student in the UK and incorporated feedback from them to arrive at this stage.

Teamwork plays a vital role in this project where it helps one another to transfer the code. The team consists of one kid with full blind and other kids have limited vision so that they can easily finish their work.

The team originally made the pods all white, until the kids with limited vision told them that more colors would help them. And although in electronics there’s often a push to make things as small as possible, with this project they found the kids were more engaged when the pods were larger, in part because two kids working together would often both physically hold the pod and touch hands as part of that teamwork, as per the report by Thenextweb.

The company developed such best thing, surely it will expand to enable more than 285 million people around the world for blind children.

Actually, Microsoft company working with Royal National Institute for the blind in London, the project Torino for 100 students, it was a first beta trial test.

We are appreciating the team, for developing such a clever project, which was taken care by Microsoft.

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