With The All-New Surface Headphones, Microsoft Explores a New Product Category

Written by Novak Bozovic
Published on October 3, 2018

Microsoft’s October Event wasn’t without any surprises. With numerous leaks appeared to be true, the company did manage to update some of its Surface devices and explain a few things about the new Windows 10 Update. However, a completely new product was announced as well – called Surface Headphones. As its name says, Microsoft is finally ready to dive into the world of high-performance headphones for the very first time.

If you’re looking to buy new headphones, you already know that the market is quite saturated with highly advanced options. Most of the currently popular options are made of refined materials and they bring high-definition audio and noise cancelation. Therefore, Microsoft has a pretty tough competition. Luckily, it looks like the Surface Headphones come with numerous promises and it will be interesting to see how this product performs in real life.

The over-ear and wireless Surface Headphones come with premium audio experience with granular noise cancelation. There is a dial on the left ear cup that users will be able to turn up and down – and therefore adjust the level of noise cancelation. There’s also a dial on the right side but this one is used to adjust volume.

Among other interesting features, the Surface Headphones are compatible with Cortana, which should not be a surprise. You’ll be able to activate the digital assistant by saying ‘Hey Cortana’ and issue hands-free voice commands. And finally, it’s also interesting to note that these headphones charge using USB-C port, which seems like a strange decision since none of the newly updated Surface devices come with USB-C compatibility.

Surface Headphones Design

As CNET reports, the Surface Headphones have been under development for three years which proves that Microsoft’s engineering teams have invested plenty of time into creating this product. In addition, the company hopes to compete with brands like Bose and Sony, both of which are known for offering premium-grade headphones.

The Surface Headphones are priced at $350 and they will arrive ‘in time for the holidays’. Initially, the product will be available in the United States alone, with other markets following soon after. To learn more, check out the Surface Headphones fact sheet.

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