Mark Zuckerberg Issues Apology for Privacy Blunder

By Nitish Singh / May 4, 2018

Facebook has been under scrutiny the past few weeks because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The platform which was known as the pioneer of modern social networking is now surrounded by controversies. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued an apology for recent scandals in the annual F8 conference.

While other creators have failed in the industry, Zuckerberg refuses to give up. The social media giant spent the last two months apologizing for the blunder that led to a privacy breach of user data across the world. Mark Zuckerberg was present at the annual F8 conference and talked about how the platform needs to build new technology to bring people closer.

Mark Zuckerberg

Image Courtesy of Deccan Chronicle

He discussed the social media company’s visions of idealism, innovation, and thoughtfulness without breaking too many things. He was as defiant as ever but believes in his product despite the scandals surrounding Facebook.

Facebook has gone on from being one of the most world-changing companies to a tool for Russian propagandists, hate speech and data mining scandals. All of these things have overshadowed the positives of the social media company which forced the hand of regulators and legislators to step in to re-examine the faith users put into tech companies.

Zuckerberg admitted that there is no guarantee his company will be able to get this right, and the path ahead is difficult. He believes Facebook will make more mistakes and there will be consequences to them which the social media giant will need to fix.

Over 5,000 developers were present at the conference at the San Jose convention hall. Zuckerberg talked about data privacy, election integrity and much-needed fact checking to weed out fake news. He also announced some new features that are set to appear on the platform including a dating service which is designed to offer privacy and safety right from the start.

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