The “Manga Rock” Pirate Comics Aggregator Platform Will Go Legal

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated September 27, 2021

Manga Rock, one of the world’s most popular pirate comics platform is going through a process of transformation into a legal service. This process will include the shutting down of the website, removal of its Google Play store app, removal of the iOS app, and the replacement of them all with new ones. The platform has made the relevant announcement without anyone expecting it, and the community has gotten extremely disappointed. The removal of mobile apps has already taken place, and the website is planned for shutdown by next week.


Source: https://mrcomics.com/

Manga Rock was an aggregator service, scanning for pirated comics that were uploaded onto the net, and then offering neatly categorized links to the content. The three creators of the website have now realized that what they were doing was wrong, and was damaging the comic industry and creators. As they revealed, they have thought about closing the service down before, but they had to come up with a redemption plan first. To fix their wrongdoings, as they say, they will build a new platform called “MR Comics”, offering affordable comics within a completely legal context that respects the creators, publishers, and readers.

Through this new service, the team behind Manga Rock envisions a platform that will support creators with the necessary tools and resources that will enable them to create high-quality comics. In the same time, readers will be able to consume comics that will be truly entertaining without having to spend a fortune for every issue. To achieve this, the team traveled to various comic conferences, met with creators and publishers in China, Korea, and Japan, and even signed exclusive content deals with some of them. As they say, Manga Rock cannot be part of the new effort, so that chapter will be closed forever.

Now, while all this sudden ethical turn to legality isn’t promoted as sudden, and while the people behind the pirate manga aggregator don’t involve money or outside pressure in their arguments, some people in their community believe it’s all about making a profit. They accuse the website of failing to monetize with their “Premium” offering, which was recently promoted quite aggressively, and now finding another path to make the desired buck. They believe that if Manga Rock was honest about this, they would have taken a different turn since 2016, not trying to push “Premium” down their throats until recently.

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