LG Patent Application Shows Modular Camera Smartwatch Design

By Bill Toulas / January 3, 2019

LG has filed a patent on WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) and USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), which contains designs of a smartwatch that features a position-swapping camera module. As seen in the mock-up drawings, LG is exploring possible implementations of making this possible, ranging from sliding mechanisms to interchangeable wristband clips.


Cameras on smartwatches are a large piece of their functionality since they can go well beyond just taking pictures, like for example be used for QR code scanning, face recognition applications, and information retraction. However, and in spite of the fact that smartwatches were equipped with cameras since day one, they are not very convenient in their use, compelling users of the wearable to take awkward wrist positions in order to take a shot of something.

LG thought that a modular camera that is easy to mount in any of the multiple possible positions on and around a smartwatch would alleviate users from this problem. While more promises are made for the functionality of the new camera module, including augmented reality functionality, the date or even the actual possibility of such a system hitting the market remains largely unknown. LG claims that the modular camera and the smartwatch will be able to display calories from photographed food dishes, recognize faces and produce cut-outs, store color, and design patterns to create custom watch faces, scan barcodes and QR codes, and many more.


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