Lenovo Released Concept Sketch Showing Z5 Without Bezels And Notch

By Goran Spasojevic / May 11, 2018

It is clear as day that the first company which manages to create a phone with no bezels will be the new leader in the smartphone design arena. Latest concept sketches of the Lenovo Z5 are definitely showing a lot of promises.

A Lenovo's mobile group product manager, Chang Cheng, shared a photo of Z5 on Weibo social network. This sketch of the latest model is a genuine and a good representative of what we can expect to see in real life. The photo shows a smartphone with no bezels, no front camera nor light sensors visible. There is no home button or any button whatsoever on the display.


Image Courtesy Of Lenovo

As Digital Trends say, Chang Cheng also released a teaser image just a few days ago. In the post, he asked the followers to guess what is the screen-to-body ratio going to be on the Z5 model. Cheng offered them some clues with 95% being the highest option. We can only assume that new Lenovo smartphone will have the highest mentioned ratio.

Both sketch and teaser image are not showing selfie camera or any light and proximity sensors visible at the front. Cheng also mentioned on his social media profile that Z5 contains 18 patented technologies. This indicates that the company is trying out something new in this field.

For now, there is no official release date or even when the new model will be announced. However, according to some unsubstantiated reports, the launch is expected to be on June 14. The price range predictions are also speculative but we can expect it to be somewhere around $1000, just like Apple iPhone X.

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