KodiTips Facebook Page Shuts Down Following Complaint from Sky

By Nitish Singh / January 11, 2019

KodiTips is a popular website that hosts blogs and guides to help Kodi users out. With the Kodi media player being used by millions of users around the world, the website is one of the best sources for users new to the platform. Recently, Sky filed a complaint against the website’s Facebook page citing copyright infringement which forced the social media platform to shut down the page.

Facebook does not act as a mediator when such copyright claims are filed and directly take down pages. Attempting to visit the KodiTips page leads users to a notice stating that access to the Facebook page has been disabled due to copyright infringement. KodiTips operators are unaware of any guides or content that directly infringes copyrights to helps users get access to copyrighted content through illegal means.

The KodiTips operator will not be contesting the takedown claim as it is going to take up too much time and energy according to TF. He revealed that Sky did not contact him prior to filing the takedown notice and similar behavior is seen from other anti-piracy groups as well. Kodi has been dragged into a lot of controversies, and even though the platform does not enable or encourage piracy, third-party add-ons often do so and face lawsuits from anti-piracy outfits.

The takedown notice was filed with Sky being declared the copyright holder. The email address that was used by the broadcaster has been used in previous copyright claims against other alleged infringing users as well. This is the second time that KodiTips had its page taken down due to an infringement notice.

Last year, the website had to shut down its page due to a similar complaint. The previous page had over 80,000 subscribers. While the new page regained subscribers, the operators had their page shut down yet again.

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