Kodi Releases First Bugfix for the “Kore” 2.5 Remote Control App

  • Kore 2.5.1 has been released, and it brings important fixes on the Kodi remote control app. 
  • In addition to squashing bugs, the Kodi team has added support for local filenames and Amazon Prime Videos sharing. 
  • Kore is the official remote control app for Kodi, and you should trust it against other apps that promise similar functionality. 

The first bugfix release for the 2.5 branch of Kodi’s official remote control app, Kore, has been released. Kore version 2.5.1 is bringing fixes on top of a major release, so it’s a good idea to apply the available patch to avoid instability, bad performance, bugs, freezes, and even security issues. The full list of changes are the following:

  • Add support for sharing from Amazon Prime Videos and from Arte (The European Culture Channel) to Kodi
  • Allow local playback of items in the “Files” section
  • Fix download of media files not working
  • Fix “Play from here” in the “Files” section
  • Prevent continuous refresh of playlist in the remote section in some configurations
  • Support sharing of local filenames with spaces in the name
  • Support for self-signed certificates
  • Remember last used tab in various sections

So, besides fixing staff, like the connectivity issues that were reported on Kore version 2.5.0, this release also brings some new minor features as well as support for additional stuff that enriches its usability. Arte and Amazon Prime sharing on Kodi are the most notable examples on that part.

Kore is the official remote control app for the Kodi media player suite, created by the same team of developers (XBMC Foundation). It’s open-source software, and so its code is unlocked for everyone to read and review. This means that Kore is one of the few apps of this type that you can trust. There are many unofficial remote control apps for Kodi out there, and too many of them are adware.

The Kore app is available on the Google Play Store and also on F-Droid, and it works with Kodi 14.x (“Helix) and higher, XBMC 12.x (Frodo), and 13.x (Gotham). The next version will focus on bringing new abilities in the area of smart-playlist browsing, so if you were eagerly waiting for that, it might take a couple of more months, but it’s approaching.



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