Know your Instagram Stalker & Find who views your profile; Instagram Stories

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated July 13, 2021

Every popular Social Media doesn't share the viewer's list of a profile only the count is made visible to the account holder, including Instagram. Recently the Photo-sharing website launched a video feature which lets you know the count of viewers but never showed their identity.

The evolving nature of the apps in its community like Snapchat it has done some changes to the traditional ways.

Instagram now allows people to see who views their posts through the launch of Instagram Stories.

If you had used third-party apps to know who viewed your profile, recent followers, and who unfollowed you it is a quite-a-good feature to cherish.

Instagram Stories

Source: Instagram

Instagram Stories works in the same manner as Snapchat's My Story and which is almost identical to it.

While Facebook and Instagram always prevented people seeing who views their posts (excluding from likes and comments), Snapchat took a different way allowing users to see accurately who had seen videos and picture stories before they auto-erased.

In response, Instagram set up ‘Instagram Stories‘ with the ability for the user to post more than one image story as well as videos. The idea was to put an end to ‘overposting’ and clogging up your follower’s feed with the same images.

Even Mashable mentioned in its post of stumbling across such feature to view the profile viewers which might be in a testing phase.

Some Popular 3rd party apps

Among them are InstaReport, Social Track and Social Fans and they are a pretty tricky bunch.

Instagram Stalker

Social Track

But beware there are some faulty apps stealing some user details which happened back in 2013 which Symantec measured around 1,00,000 had fallen by the app InstLike.

Tip: Any app asking for passwords instead of authentication will surely have a backdoor to steal your data. So always have a keen eye for these kinds of apps when you use them.

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