Kingston Pushing the DDR4 Limit Further With a 5300 MHz HyperX Predator

Written by Bill Toulas
Published on May 10, 2021

Kingston’s HyperX has announced three new “Predator” memory kits that are pushing the limits of the DDR4 specifications even further. The frequencies of the new models are 5,000 MHz, 5,133 MHz, and the record-breaking 5,300 MHz. In all three cases, the kit includes two modules of 8 GB each, while the latency is CL19 on the slower model and CL20 on the other two. The cost of these kits is going to be hefty, as expected, with the 5,000 MHz kit costing $870, the next step going up at $995, and the top-range one reaching the whopping $1,245.

The previous DDR4 record was held by Corsair’s Vengeance LPX at 5,000 MHz, while Kingston sold modules that went up to 4,800 MHz. By default, DDR4 RAM is clocked at 2,400 MHz, so we have reached a point where manufacturers have doubled that through overclocking while still offering a stable product that is fit for any application and purpose. This is indicative of the maturity that has been reached in the spec, already counting seven years into it.

Last month, MSI’s OC team set a world record in DDR4 overclocking by using a HyperX 4600 module and taking it up to 7,200 MHz. Of course, this was an exercise in the realm of what’s possible, not something to demonstrate as a product that’s coming. Obviously, there’s no way to guarantee stability at these speeds, and they only have meaning to tech enthusiasts. Now that the higher-speed modules are out, we may see another smashing of that record, although things don’t work that way.

When the DDR5 specification arrives, though, the technical and physical limitations of the current standard will be lifted. The new standard will offer frequencies that go up to 8,400 MHz, so when maturity is reached, things will go well beyond that figure. Just don’t expect to see anything crazy on the shelves before the end of 2023 or even later.

Back to the new HyperX Predators, Kingston hasn’t uploaded the spec sheets on the site yet, so we couldn’t dig into these, but here are the memory profiles:

So, if you’re planning to buy the fastest available DDR4 in the market right now, make sure to combine it with the parts that can benefit from its presence. If you’re planning to spend that much money on a RAM kit, you’d better do your research on how to reap its fruits beforehand.

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