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Keep or Delete, A Tinder Look-alike for deleting your embarrassing tweets

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated July 13, 2021

Deleting your stupidest and embarrassing old tweets is finally here. No more worries on how to delete your old long forgotten tweets. Keep or Delete - a new app launched for iOS is the easiest way to get rid of old tweets.

All you gotta do is sign in and start swiping.  To delete the visible tweet swipe left and by swiping right you will be keeping the tweet. So simple and same like tinder.

Keep or Delete app was developed by Tobias Block, a german developer. Some of the cool features of the app are Deletion Delay, allows you to set up a time interval to keep your old tweets even from deleting it. So reverting them back from the previous action is very easy. Use revert button or deletion log available in the settings.

Tobias got the inspiration to develop this app when "A friend of mine got in trouble at a job application. There was an old embarrassing tweet in his Twitter history regarding the company...he didn't get the job."

One core feature of the app is that you can import your Twitter Archive which lets you order the tweets or view the tweets from a particular time period. Imports the 3200 latest tweets from your twitter account and enables you to review and delete them.

Block clearly mentions with the UI/UX issues:"It's really easy to create new stuff on social networks. But it's very hard to remove your old stuff. That's a big gap. Everyone should care about his/her online representation...interactions [like swiping] should be part of a mobile social network."

Anyone I mean your colleagues, employers or even government could simply perform a google search of your name and find your online activity on what you have been saying.

Its great start to delete those twitter tweets but block tells even facebook has post/ content/ media but it doesn't have an API that will enable 3rd party apps to delete them.

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