Jersey City Police Are Using Fake Amazon Packages to Catch Thieves

By Nitish Singh / December 12, 2018

Amazon is not only busy delivering packages for Christmas to people all over the world but also helping catch thieves in Jersey City. Amazon and the city’s cops have teamed up to perform sting operations in at-risk areas. The police are using their own crime data along with Amazon’s crime reports. The e-commerce platform is helping out with fake Amazon boxes that the police are using to lure thieves.

The fake Amazon boxes have GPS trackers and doorbell cameras installed in them, allowing the police to apprehend potential thieves. So far, the operation has been quite successful with one of the packages being picked up within 3 minutes of it being deposited, allowing the police to catch the suspect. It is unknown what crimes the apprehended suspects are charged with, but the program itself may keep thieves away from the city.

The fake Amazon packages are deposited in front of homes of Jersey City policemen according to Police Chief Michael Kelly. He wants to expand the program which has already been approved by the city’s municipal prosecutor following a legal review. Similar programs were launched this year in California, New Mexico, and Oregon as well.

Data on stolen packages from Amazon is not available publicly, but it seems like it is hurting the e-commerce company’s orders enough to work with the police to solve the issue. The company introduced lockers earlier this year to combat the issue along with simpler measures like assigning neighbors to collect packages on behalf of the customer. It is unknown how long the program will be in effect, but with the results were promising so far, Amazon should have less stolen orders for now.

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