Isekai Yakkyoku Reveals Two New Additional Cast Members

By Samona Punjabi / April 6, 2022

The upcoming isekai fantasy anime series Isekai Yakkyoku has recently revealed the names of more cast members! News of the adaptation was first confirmed and celebrated last July with the release of special illustrations from the series creators. The show is expected to premiere sometime later this year.

The upcoming anime series is based on light novels of the same name. It was first published on Shousetsuka ni Narou in July 2015 before being picked up for formal publication in January 2016 by Kadokawa's MF Books imprint. Isekai Yakkyoku has been written by Liz Takayama and illustrated by artist keepout. Eight print volumes have been released so far, along with a separate manga adaptation illustrated by Sei Takano.  

Isekai Yakkyoku New Cast Members, Staff, and More

In a trailer released in March, it was previously revealed that Aki Toyosaki would headline the anime as the voice of the lead protagonist, Pharma. According to the latest update, Reina Ueda will be voicing the character Eleonor Bonnefoi while Kaede Hondo will voice Charlotte Soller. Check out the character designs for the newly added cast members below:

Reina Ueda as Eléonore Bonnefoi.
Kaede Hondo as Charlotte Soller.

The production staff of Isekai Yakkyoku sees Keizou Kusakawa as the director. Wataru Watari serves as the series' screenwriter, while Mayuko Matsumoto is the anime's character designer. In addition, the anime is being produced at Diomedéa.

Crunchyroll describes the story of Isekai Yakkyoku as:

"The story of Isekai Yakkyoku follows Kanji Yakutani, a medical researcher who dies from overwork and reincarnates in another world as Falma de Médicis, the son of a famous court physician. Pharma despairs at the state of medical care in the new world, where the use of various spells and charms that can't be called true medical treatment is widespread and only the nobility can afford magical medical care. With the help of his knowledge of modern medicine and his "cheat" ability to create and destroy matter, Pharma decides to open a pharmacy and bring proper medicine to everyone who needs it."

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