iPhone battery suddenly explodes in customer’s hand at Queensland repair shop

By TechNadu Staff / March 16, 2017

An iPhone has exploded in a repair shop on Monday in Queensland. The customer arrived at the phone repair shop with a cracked screen and battery life problem in their iPhone 6 Plus phone.

The repairman initially inspected the phone, the customer handled the phone and give further explanation about the problem at the time the phone exploded suddenly in his hand and started to spew smoke on the whole shop finally the repairman doused it with a fire extinguisher.

After the accident, the iPhone started to melt and charred and battery had exploded too long.

The store said” the initial force of the explosion caused the screen to come off the phone. Our staff extinguished the phone with a fire extinguisher”.

They vacate the shop immediately and had to be closed for the rest of the day due to fumes.

Public awareness becomes stronger now because last year the same incident happened in the mid-flight, Samsung galaxy note 7 headphones exploded and burning one women’s face.

But in Apple, this is not the first time, last year the company faced the complaints about smoking or exploding the phones.

Last year "We appreciate that customers are more concerned than ever about the performance and safety of batteries in their mobile devices,” in response to several cases. Apple company said.

Once the company released the lithium battery’s headphones, they will test the product and make sure that it is safe - News.

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