iPhone 12 “Mini” Is Probably Going to Be 4G-Only

By Bill Toulas / September 26, 2020

According to what Wall Street analysts firmly believe, iPhone 12 “mini” will be a 4G-only model. There have been many rumors about this in recent months. If anything, it makes sense to assume that the smaller device is going to be the one that’s limited to the 4G internet connectivity technology.

As for the “mini” moniker, this has been leaked too, after a Twitter user posted silicone case stickers for the upcoming generation of the iPhone.

Smaller phones still need to be thin and sexy, and this means that device manufacturers can only use batteries of smaller capacities. The rumored capacity for the “mini” is 2,227 mAh. 5G needs serious power, so offering a small-dimension device with 5G support would produce embarrassing results. Keeping things limited to 4G is a wise choice, and users of compact devices like the iPhone 12 mini wouldn’t be missing much at this point in time.

Should this be a discouraging factor for those looking to get the smaller entry of the upcoming iPhone 12 line? This really depends on whether you are interested in using the latest available technologies or not, but this is something that Apple product owners aren’t known for anyway.

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When considering the “mini” buyers, in particular, this becomes even more clear. Those who will go for a super-compact device aren’t interested in playing games on the cloud or consuming media on streaming platforms, or generally having a lot of data going back and forth from and to their device. They want something small, light, fast, and inexpensive.

Speaking of which, the rumored price may be a disappointment for those looking to get the “mini” close to the price of the SE 2020. During the summer, leakers shared something around $550 for the 5.4-inches model of the iPhone 12, we now see estimates going up to $750. This pricing approach would make sense when considering that Apple still wants the SE 2020 to fall in a distinct pricing category - otherwise, there would be no point in its existence.

Finally, if there’s one lineup to skip, that would be the 12, and that’s not because the upcoming iPhone is not going to be an impressive upgrade over the previous generation. The COVID-19 lockdowns have generally absolved people from having to limit themselves to smaller screens since we spend more time at home and less time outside. That said, buying a smartphone (any smartphone) this year would not be a priority for most people.

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