Apple A14 Bionic Is Unlocking the Mobile Gaming Aspect of iPhone 12

The Apple A14 Bionic that beats inside the new iPhone 12 lineup is a beast that can't be tamed even by the most demanding mobile games available right now. Its GPU is basically so powerful that mobile game developers have to revisit what they thought possible and add more eye candy, high-res textures, and realistic lighting effects that would previously cause stutters and hiccups.

Source: Apple

Apple knows that and invests heavily in the marketing premise of gaming, elegantly surpassing the "gaming-phone" trend that's hot in the Android space, and clearly making a case of its ushering into a new era. The new iPhone has all the power to take mobile gaming to the next level. The iOS space, with its high-spending users, creates the ideal environment for that.

Source: Apple

To bring something that will call gamers to really consider all the potential that opens up, Riot Games has developed a special version of League of Legends, called "WildRift." League of Legends is one of the most popular games on the PC, so seeing a fully-fledged version on mobile is absolutely jaw-dropping.

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