iOS Bugfix Release 12.1.1 Renders iPhones Unable to Connect via Mobile Data

By Bill Toulas / December 10, 2018

The latest bugfix release for Apple’s iOS seems to be causing trouble to a large number of users who report that they can’t establish a mobile data connection. The problem seems to be affecting many but not all of the devices, as some report that Safari works but their web apps don’t, while others seem to have lost all functionality.

According to a Forbes report though, Apple was very much aware of the bug that this new release would introduce, as numerous beta testers of 12.1.1 had reported similar problems on Twitter. This comes as a negative revelation and a natural bewilderment, as the purpose of beta testing is to iron out any bugs before the widespread release. Apple actually rolled out several beta versions of this update, with the bug that killed the mobile data connectivity being reported again and again on all of them. So why did they decided to just go with it?

The answer could be that Apple mistakenly believed that the problem was resolved. The fact that the bug affects users differently, based on their device and location indicates that something that requires a more in-depth investigation is going on. Another possible explanation could be that Apple was in a hurry to fix a severe security hole that concerned the lock screen, fixed with the 12.1.1. This security frailty could bring more negative publicity if people took advantage of it, so deciding to make the bugfix release available immediately and then work on a new bugfix release to address the mobile data problem makes sense.

Apple has not acknowledged the issue for the time being, but that is to be expected by Cupertino. However, the reports for this new bug are pullulating, so maybe we’ll see a fix being rolled out soon. That would be more likely than seeing an official announcement, so if you want to be confident that your mobile data works after the update, wait until 12.1.2 gets released.

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