Intel Reveals Advanced-Performance Cascade Lake Processors & All-New Xeon E-2100 CPU

By Nitish Singh / November 5, 2018

Ahead of the upcoming Supercomputer 2018 show, Intel revealed a large number of products that are scheduled for release soon. The Cascade Lake family of processors have been long-awaited, and the wait is finally over with the chipmaker revealing more details. In addition, the latest products come days after the news about PortSmash exploit that affects certain processors made by this company.

A Xeon Cascade Lake data center chip lineup was announced by Intel that comes with Multi-Chip Package (MCP) architecture composed of multiple dies, similar to AMD’s Threadripper manufacturing process. It allows the new chip to match a large number of cores that AMD offers and hopefully offer great performance like its rival. The chipmaker compared its new flagship releases with its older generation server processors and revealed that the new processors offer up to 17 times the performance at AI and deep learning inference.

Intel Reveals Advanced Performance Cascade Lake Processors

Image Courtesy of Intel

Entry level server processors have also been announced with the Xeon E-2100 lineup set promising great performance for low-cost servers. There is no word on when the processors will be coming to the market with no specific details available at the moment. However, all we know is that the new processors will offer the same design as the Xeon Scalable processors, making it a refresh of the 14nm architecture chips that are already available.

The chipmaker claims that the performance at HPC, AI, and IAAS workloads is the highest available performance and also the highest memory bandwidth in the industry. The processors come with up to 48 cores per chip that support a maximum of 12 DDR4 channels.

Intel had to combat supply issues to finally push out their new lineup of processors. 12nm technology is likely to become a part of the next generation of processors by the chipmaker next year and 10nm processors in 2020.

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