Instagram Makes Connecting with Friends Easier with Nametags

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 13, 2021

Instagram is trying to make it easier for users to find their friends on the platform or even make new ones. Two new social features have been added to the app today which includes ‘nametags’ and ‘school communities’.

Instagram Nametags

Image Courtesy of Instagram

Nametags allow users to create custom ID cards that allow users to find each other by scanning the cards using the Instagram app. Every nametag is unique according to Instagram, and it is a fun way of adding people you meet in your daily life. To create a name tag, users need to head to their profile and select the Nametag option. Nametags can be personalized by touching anywhere on your phone’s screen, and you can choose from a number of designs, colors and even add emojis or stickers. You can also share your nametags from the same menu.

Instagram School Communities

Image Courtesy of Instagram

The new school communities feature allows students from the same schools and universities to connect with each other. Instagram users can add their names, school, class year, sorority, sports team and other relevant details. You will be able to view profiles of other users who match and connect with them instantly. The new messages section in the school communities menu allows you to accept or decline message requests and connect with your peers.

The new Nametag feature is available for all users with Android or iOS devices while the school communities feature is restricted to some US universities only for now. Instagram plans on expanding the number of partnered schools in the near future. Recently Apple also introduced a new feature for its Wallet app by partnering with universities in the US to offer a digital ID feature designed for contact-less entry.

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