Instagram Launches Instagram Lite on Android for Emerging Markets

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 13, 2021

With expensive internet plans and patchy coverage being significant problems that restrict internet access in emerging markets, Instagram pushed out its Instagram Lite app for Android to help out users with poor internet connectivity. The social media platform hit 1 billion users recently, and it wants to continue growing with the help of the new Instagram Lite app. The new app is available only on the Google Play Store as of now, and it is likely that it will be available for more platforms soon. Instagram did not make any announcements before launching the app, and it popped up on the Play Store out of nowhere.

Instagram Lite

Image Courtesy of Gadgets360

Instagram Lite offers all of the features we have come to know and love from the Instagram. It allows users to send and view photos and takes up only 1/55th the size of the official Instagram app on Android. The developers have also made adjustments to optimize data usage on the app, which can help your data if you are subscribed to a limited data usage plan. However, users will not be able to post videos or direct message their friends in the Lite version on the app.

At only 573 kilobytes, the app offers enough functionality to enjoy the social media platform. Instagram Lite is not the first app from Facebook to implement a lightweight version of the app. We already have access to Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite which offer all of the basic functionality while cutting off features most users do not use.

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