Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom And Mike Krieger Leave Facebook

  • Both co-founders of Instagram have resigned from Facebook to take time off and work on new projects.
  • Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have worked at Instagram and Facebook for 8 years.
  • Instagram is Facebook’s most successful acquisition valued at over $1 billion.

Instagram has been instrumental in Facebook’s success in recent years. The photo-sharing platform helped Facebook gain over a billion users, and Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom And Mike Krieger are now looking at new avenues. The co-founders revealed that they want to build new things and that requires them to take a step back and focus on creativity.

Systrom and Krieger were part of Facebook even after the social media giant acquired Instagram in 2012 and the duo has been very important to the platform’s success. Both co-founders have been effective at competing against the likes of Snapchat and they managed to create their app with just 13 people and have experienced growth with the app now being backed by thousands of offices across the world and over a billion users.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed in a statement “Kevin and Mike are extraordinary product leaders and Instagram reflects their combined creative talents. I’ve learned a lot working with them for the past six years and have really enjoyed it. I wish them all the best, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they build next.

It is unknown how much of an impact the duo’s departure will have. Facebook has been plagued with criticism after the social media company failed to control multiple crises including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, manipulative advertising by political parties and fake news. On the contrary, users are still happy with Systrom and Krieger’s app, and the platform has proven to be a highly successful alternative for many Facebook users. Systrom revealed that they are excited about the future of Instagram and Facebook. Also, both co-founders are looking forward to seeing how the platforms keep innovating for billions of users across the world.

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