Hulu renews I Love You, America for Season 2

By Nitish Singh / April 16, 2018

Popular streaming service Hulu announced it has renewed comedian Sarah Silverman’s I Love You, America for a second season. New episodes will air from September 6 this year and will comprise 11 episodes.

The show features studio bits, field segments, and monologues. Silverman will be returning to the show to tackle the midterm elections. According to the comedian, the show seeks to connect unlike-minded people of America. She feels it is crucial to connect people who may not agree with each other with humor, honesty and her general interest in people.

Silverman uses monologues in the show to narrate her personal experiences and uses examples of current events to explore the implications they bring for the citizens of America. The show is produced by Funny or Die. The producers of the show include Adam McKay, Amy Zvi, Joe Farrell, Will Ferrell, Gavin Purcell and Sarah Silverman herself. The first season included many celebrity guests including Al Franken, Patton Oswalt, and Roxane Gay.  Silverman’s weekly guests include not only celebrities but also people who full under the shared theme of having experienced a significant change in their lives through the show.

I Love You America

Image Courtesy of The Daily Beast

The show is very similar to talk shows but include monologues, interviews, and pre-taped segments. The first season included an ongoing storyline featuring Mather Zickel focusing on the male ego, says EW.

The Hulu show was renewed following positive reception since its premiere. With review aggregation websites racking up over 90% approval ratings, both the critical and audience consensus has been largely positive. Despite the sarcastic and crude humor, Sarah Silverman is compassionate, and the welcome dose of optimism has raked in many viewers to the show.

Before I Love You, America Silverman had her scripted series The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central, for which she won an Emmy. She has also acted in the series Masters of Sex and the movies The Book of Henry and The Battle of the Sexes.

The visual style of the show is led by J.P. Connelly who designed the set to feel like a “union between traditional late-night show and sitcom looks, Americana, and patriotism that simultaneously manages to pay homage to Silverman's personality”.

Excited about the renewal, Sarah Silverman said, “I am fundamentally changed with each episode, each interview, each encounter. By the end of this, I will likely be a butterfly. Or a colorful moth.”

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