Huawei Products May Get Banned in The UK Later This Year

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on February 1, 2019

The UK government is investigating Huawei over the manufacturer’s alleged espionage activity for the Chinese government. The investigation is set to conclude in March, and Huawei products may get banned in the region. If the findings are too sensitive, they may not be revealed to the public.

It is not just the UK, but also a number of other Western countries that are investigating Huawei. It has been reported that the Chinese manufacturer’s hardware is used for surveillance purposes. The recent conflict between the US and China has also led to a trade war with Chinese users boycotting products from US-based manufacturers like Apple.

UK’s secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport Jeremy Wright (MP) stated "It's the right thing to do in my judgment to look at the supply-chain for telecoms, to make sure we're confident that our security interests are met just as our requirements for efficient, effective technology are met.”

Wright was present at an event in London speaking about responsible technology when he made his statement. The government wants to make sure that all evidence is checked before coming to a decision. Wright added that everyone reviewing the evidence would be given a chance to offer their input and a final verdict should be out by Spring.

Huawei has not only been accused of espionage but also for stealing trade secrets. The company is under investigation by Federal prosecutors in the US. With the US and other western countries considering banning the manufacturer’s products, it could affect Huawei’s financial standing long term heavily. The company has tried to defend itself but has been unable to provide any proof so far. It remains to be seen what the UK’s investigation leads to as there has been no indicting evidence presented against Huawei by any government so far.

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