Huawei Claims US Security Accusations Surrounding 5G Equipment Are False

By Nitish Singh / February 26, 2019

With just months to go until network carriers start rolling out 5G technology to the masses, Huawei was dragged into a controversy. US authorities are claiming that the company’s 5G equipment could not be trusted. In a keynote speech, the Chinese manufacturer’s rotating chairman Guo Ping attempted to dispel such notions.

Ping stated that Huawei is receiving more interest than ever before. US President Donald Trump has been urging the country’s allies not to use Huawei products and services. Some countries have already banned the use of the company’s products in government institutions as well while others like the UK do not find the security concerns threatening.

Ping revealed in the keynote: “Let experts decide whether networks are safe or not. Huawei has a strong track record in security for three decades. Serving three billion people around the world. The U.S. security accusation of our 5G has no evidence. Nothing.

The recent controversy surrounding the company has led to a conflicting relationship between the US and China. With Huawei being the first company capable of deploying 5G connectivity at a larger scale, US carriers need to step up their game if they want to roll out the new technology.

Huawei wants data security to be an industry-wide collective responsibility. There has been no hard evidence against the Chinese company to date. The controversy has also led to conflicting interests in Europe. On the one hand, EU authorities are concerned about security, while on the other hand banning the company would mean denying European citizens their fundamental privacy rights.

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