How to Watch Undone Season 2 Online From Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / April 29, 2022

The second season of the Undone series will soon premiere, and it will be extremely easy to watch all the episodes online. If you miss the grounded yet fantastical series following the father-daughter through time and space, we have all the information on the cast, plot, and release date, so let's see when, where, and how to watch Undone Season 2 online from anywhere.

Undone explores a new reality where Alma, a 28-year-old Mexican-American woman living in San Antonio with her mother Camila and sister Becca, has a near-fatal car accident that helps her discover a new ability - to move through time and space in a time travel kind of way - and also spiritually connect with her dead father. In Season 2, Alma finds deeper mysteries in her family’s past, but no family member is interested in digging into these uncomfortable truths. She convinces Becca to help search for answers, and they unravel a complex network of memories and motivations that have shaped who they are today.

Most of the ensemble cast of Season 1 will be reprising their roles for the second season, while new cast members will be added. We'll see Rosa Salazar as Alma Winograd-Diaz, Angelique Cabral as Becca Winograd-Diaz, Constance Marie as Camila Diaz, Bob Odenkirk as Jacob Winograd, and Siddharth Dhananjay as Sam will return alongside Kevin Bigley, Sheila Vand, Giorgie Luck Vasquez, Luna Marie Katich, Alma Martinez, Renee Victor, Holly Fain, and more.

From series creators Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg (BoJack Horseman) and brought to life using rotoscope animation under the direction of Hisko Hulsing, this title sees Purdy, Bob-Waksberg, and Hulsing as executive producers alongside Tommy Pallotta (A Scanner Darkly), BoJack Horseman's Steven A. Cohen and Noel Bright, and Tower's Femke Wolting and Felix Bruno, while Salazar and Odenkirk serve as producers.

Undone Season 2 will premiere on Friday, April 29, 2022, and we will be able to see it on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. This new season will have eight episodes, and they will all land at once on the premiere day. As it happens with streaming platforms, new content will become available after midnight PT (03:01 AM ET).

How to Watch Undone Season 2 Online From Anywhere

It's pretty easy to watch content on a live TV and streaming platform nowadays, but that only stands if you're not traveling. If you find yourself unable to access some or all of their content while traveling due to these services being geo-blocked abroad and even in some other states, we recommend you stream Undone Season 2 with a VPN subscription. A VPN lets you change your IP address to one where the streaming app is available, making it seem like you are back home.

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How to Watch Undone Season 2 in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia

Since this title is an Amazon Prime original, it will be available to watch for fans in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service since this is an Amazon original title, and you can watch it for free if you have a Prime subscription.

This service has an attractive offer, and you can also customize your content by adding around 100 Prime channels to your subscription, such as Starz, Paramount Plus, Showtime, EPIX, AMC Plus, Discovery Plus, and many others. The streaming service has around 24,000 movies and 2,100 shows in its library for you to watch, and you can also rent or buy extra movies and entire series or series episodes that are not included with your subscription.

The Amazon Prime membership starts with a generous 30-day free trial, and after that, you will be charged a subscription fee of US $14.99 / CA $7.99 / £7.99 / AU $6.99 per month.

If you don't want a Prime subscription, you can also sign up for the Prime Video streaming platform on its own. This service has a 30-day free trial that you can take advantage of, and it costs $8.99 per month in the US, $7.99 per month in Canada, £7.99 per month in the UK, and $6.99 per month in Australia.

As expected, Amazon Prime Video has geo-restrictions in place, just like almost all the live TV and streaming services, so you may find you cannot access your platform or its library while traveling. We recommend you use a reliable VPN set to a server from a region back home in order to lift blockades. More details are in the segment above.

Undone Season 2 Episodes Release Schedule

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