How to Watch Twenty Five Twenty One Online From Anywhere

By Lore Apostol / February 3, 2022

Twenty Five Twenty One is a new Korean TV series that is soon to premiere. We're talking about a Korean romantic drama following five young people while focusing on a young couple's love story, and we will be able to see it online quite easily. So, let's see where, when, and how to watch the first season of Twenty Five Twenty One online from anywhere.

The new South Korean series shows us the romantic lives of five characters spanning between 1998 to 2021. The main characters are a teen fencer who pursues big ambitions and a hardworking young man she meets who seeks to rebuild his life. Due to the South Korean financial crisis, Baek Yi-Jin's father's business goes bankrupt, and Na Hee-Do's high school fencing team gets disbanded. She ends up becoming a member of the saber fencing national team, and Baek Yi-Jin goes from living the life of a wealthy person to being poor - he combines student life with some part-time jobs and later becomes a sports reporter for a broadcasting network.

Twenty Five Twenty One will premiere on Saturday, February 12, 2022, on the Netflix streaming platform. Just like with most Korean series, this too will feature 16 episodes that will air across eight weeks, with two episodes per week, available on Saturdays and Sundays. This means the series finale will air on Sunday, April 3, 2022. Episodes will first premiere on the South Korean cable network tvN at 9:00 PM KST before arriving on the streaming service, though.

When it comes to the cast, Na Hee-Do is played by Kim Tae-Ri and Baek Yi-Jin by Nam Joo-Hyuk. We'll also see Bona as Go Yoo-Rim, Choi Hyun-Wook as Moon Ji-Woong, and Lee Joo-Myoung as Ji Seung-Wan.

How to Watch Twenty Five Twenty One Online From Anywhere

A subscription with a streaming platform that hosts the desired title makes it pretty easy to watch it from home. However, most of these services are geo-restricted, which means you won't be able to access them when you are traveling abroad. However, the good news is that you can watch Twenty Five Twenty One online from anywhere if you get a VPN subscription besides the streaming service. A VPN can unblock the platform for you since it lets you change your virtual location to your home location.

We recommend ExpressVPN since it's one of the best tools on the market right now, and it's also extremely easy to use, even for beginners. It can lift geo-restrictions for several streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others, and it also has thousands of servers all around the world and fast and stable connections, adding strong encryption to the list. You can try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE since there's a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee included.

If you want a bargain, subscribe to the ExpressVPN annual plan (49% discount and 3 months FREE). Just fill in your details to create an account, and you will be able to download and install the tool's native app for your device after you pay. Start by selecting a server from a location in your country and then turning on the VPN. Finally, to watch Twenty Five Twenty One online from anywhere, open the streaming platform you are subscribed to and play the episodes after they become available on the service.

How to Watch Twenty Five Twenty One in the US

As you can expect, you can watch it in the US if you have a subscription to the service since Twenty Five Twenty One will be released on Netflix. So go ahead and subscribe to Netflix by choosing one of its three plans. The cheapest one is the Basic plan, which is now $8.99 a month. Next, the Standard plan is $15.49 per month, and the Premium plan costs $19.99 per month at the moment. It all comes down to what perks you want from this service.

If you're traveling away from the US, you will find that Netflix has some geo-restrictions in place in some countries. However, you can still access it. You just need to use a VPN simultaneously with the streaming platform and select a server located in the US before playing the title. For details, read the segment above.

How to Watch Twenty Five Twenty One in the UK

You will be able to watch Twenty Five Twenty One through a Netflix subscription if you live in the UK. Customers in the UK can choose from three Netflix plans that range from £5.99 to £13.99 per month right now. So just select the plan that has the best perks for your needs.

You may find the service is blocking your access when traveling. However, you can lift the restriction if you are abroad when the episodes land if you use a potent VPN first. Just open your VPN and select a server that is located back home before accessing the streaming platform.

How to Watch Twenty Five Twenty One in Canada

K-dramas fans in Canada can watch the Twenty Five Twenty One series with Netflix subscription. The Canadian Netflix prices for the three plans available range from $9.99 to $20.99 a month, so just pick the plan that offers what you need in terms of perks.

If you are traveling when the episodes are made available, you may find that the platform is geo-blocked, so you won't be able to access the title. We recommend you use a VPN before accessing Netflix and setting it to a server located back home.

How to Watch Twenty Five Twenty One in Australia

If you want to watch the Twenty Five Twenty One series in Australia, all you will need is Netflix subscription. As you probably know already, this streaming service has three plans for its customers, and their prices range from $10.99 to $22.99 per month in Australia.

If you are traveling away from Australia when the episodes appear, you may find the library you used to access back home is now geo-blocked. However, you can always lift the blockade on the platform by using a VPN to access Netflix through a server located back home.

This was all on how you can watch Twenty Five Twenty One online from anywhere, so we hope we've answered all your questions. If you have anything else to add or ask, use the button below to post a comment. Thank you for visiting TechNadu!

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