How to Watch The Time Traveler’s Wife Online From Anywhere: Stream the 2022 Series

By Lore Apostol / May 15, 2022

A new take on Audrey Niffenegger's story is set to premiere soon as a short series. We have all the information on the release date and cast, and the best thing is that we will be able to easily watch it online. This being said, let's see when, where, and how to watch the 2022 The Time Traveler's Wife online from anywhere in the world.

The Time Traveler's Wife is an upcoming science-fiction romantic drama series written by Steven Moffat and based on the novel of the same name by Niffenegger. Of course, after the Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams movie, fans are expecting something less focused on Hollywood romance and rather see a deeper approach to the heartwrenching story filled with intense drama and pain the book has.

As you may expect, the series will follow the encounters Claire and Henry have through time. It all starts in the clearing behind her home, where six-year-old Claire Abshire encounters 36-year-old time traveler Henry DeTamble for the first time. Fourteen years later, an unexpected reunion a the library gives Henry the opportunity to meet her for the first time, and this is how their epic love story begins. However, we know his unusual affliction will stand in the way of their happiness. We are really looking forward to the way the ending will be presented this time.

The series stars Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) as Claire Abshire, Theo James (Divergent trilogy) as Henry DeTamble, Everleigh McDonell as Young Clare Abshire, Caitlin Shorey as Young Clare Abshire, Peter Graham as Mark Abshire, and Jason David as Young Henry DeTamble, among others. We have a pleasant surprise seeing Kate Siegel in the cast as Annette DeTamble and Jaime Ray Newman as Lucille Abshire.

After recently offering The Flight Attendant Season 2 and Made for Love Season 2, HBO continues with a new great title. The 2022 The Time Traveler's Wife series will premiere on Sunday, May 15, 2022, and you will be able to watch the first episode on HBO. The title will also be available to stream on HBO Max and is set to have seven episodes that will air on a one-per-week schedule.

How to Watch The Time Traveler's Wife Online From Anywhere

As long as you are in your home country, you will be able to watch any title online quite easily if you turn to a live TV or streaming platform that has it. However, you might find yourself unable to access the platform or a specific title if you are traveling outside the country or even to other states since almost all streaming services have geo-restrictions in place. The good news is you will be able to circumvent the blockade and watch The Time Traveler's Wife with a VPN subscription. This tool can make it appear like you are back home and lift the blockades by changing your IP address.

If you don't know which tool to choose, we recommend you use ExpressVPN since it's one of the best tools on the market right now, and it has thousands of servers in almost 100 countries all around the world that can easily unblock several streaming platforms such as HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and others. What's more, you get fast and stable connections and strong encryption to protect your data online, and it's extremely easy to use, even for beginners. There's a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee included, so you can try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE.

You should take advantage of the massive discount, so go ahead and subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% discount and 3 months FREE) by creating an account on the tool's website. The steps are intuitive, and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete the process. Just fill in the required details, pay, and download and install the app suited for your device or system. Now, open the app, select a server in a location from back home, and turn on the VPN. You can now access the streaming platform to stream The Time Traveler's Wife online from anywhere when it becomes available on the service.

How to Watch The Time Traveler's Wife in the US

This title is an HBO Max original, so it is pretty simple to watch The Time Traveler's Wife in the US as long as you get an HBO Max subscription. The streaming platform recently introduced a second tier, so you can choose from the ad-supported tier is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, and the ad-free tier costs $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year. They offer the same content, so just pick the one that suits your needs best in terms of perks.

You can also subscribe to HBO Max via subscription providers such as Apple, Google Play, and Roku. HBO Max offers native apps for iOS, and Android devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, Roku, or Chromecast, and you can even stream content in 4K.

If you live in the US, you have several alternatives in order to watch HBO Max online.

Hulu is one of the best options when it comes to price since the On-Demand service has two plans starting at $6.99 per month. You can select HBO Max as an add-on to your subscription and try the HBO Max plan without commercials during a 7-day free trial before being charged the standard price of $14.99 per month. Moreover, there's a generous 30-day Hulu free trial for the base plans.

HBO Max is an option on YouTube TV as well since it offers HBO Max as a Premium add-on - you will get a 7-day free trial for it, and the service will charge you $14.99 per month after the trial ends. You will pay $64.99 per month and get a free trial that ranges from two to seven days if you subscribe to the YouTube TV live TV and streaming service.

You can also select HBO Max as a premium add-on for your DirecTV Stream live TV and streaming platform subscription. The plan prices start at $79.99 per month with a 5-day free trial here. You get a 3-month free trial for the HBO Max add-on, and they will charge you $14.99 per month after that unless you cancel.

If you're traveling, you may not be able to access this title or even the platform in some countries or territories due to geo-restrictions since HBO Max is not launched globally. However, you will be able to unblock it abroad if you use a reliable VPN and select a server located in the US before accessing the streaming service.

How to Watch The Time Traveler's Wife in the UK

HBO Max is not available in the UK as a standalone streaming service you can subscribe to, but the streaming giant has a deal with Sky to provide some HBO content. The Time Traveler's Wife will air on Sky Atlantic and will be available to stream on Sky Atlantic through Sky's NOW streaming service starting Monday, May 16. You will find Sky Atlantic in the Entertainment plan, where subscription prices start at £9.99 per month with a 7-day free trial available for all new customers.

If you're traveling away from the UK, you should keep in mind that all streaming services are geo-restricted. This means the platform will block your access when you travel abroad unless you use a powerful VPN since it can change your real location to a server from back home and lift geo-blockades.

How to Watch The Time Traveler's Wife in Canada

If you live in Canada, you will be able to stream The Time Traveler's Wife online only on the Crave service on May 16, which offers HBO Max, HBO, and also Starz, and Showtime. The subscription price is $19.99 a month, and you get a 7-day free trial upon creating your account with the service.

Keep in mind this service is geo-restricted due to licensing deals, and you won't be able to access your subscription if you decide to travel abroad when the episodes air. You should use a good VPN set to a Canadian server simultaneously with the streaming platform to easily lift the geo-blocks.

How to Watch The Time Traveler's Wife in Australia

If you live in Australia, you may already know HBO Max has not yet launched here. However, you will be able to stream The Time Traveler's Wife on May 16 on the Binge streaming platform. Subscription prices start at $10 per month with a 14-day free trial for new customers. You will be able to watch this series on Foxtel Now. The cheapest plan here costs $25 per month, and you also get a 10-day free trial if you're new to the service.

You won't be able to access these services while traveling away from Australia due to geo-restrictions, so we recommend you use a good VPN to unblock the platform and watch this title from abroad. All you need to do is to set your VPN server to a home location and turn the tool on before accessing the streaming service.

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