How to Watch Summer Love Online From Anywhere for FREE

By Ipsita Kabiraj / August 31, 2022

"One holiday house. Eight love stories." - that's the tagline of a comedy compilation series that will premiere soon, and we're excited to stream it online. We have everything you need to know, so let's check out when, where, and how to watch Summer Love online from anywhere.

Summer Love is an 8-part anthology series that takes place at a holiday home where the romantic allure of the seaside meets the lovable misadventures of those on a vacation. Apart from the constant worry of getting sand everywhere, the show examines the anonymity, opportunities, and escape we all enjoy on a breather.

Characters from the show include four old friends, Jules, Tom, Jonah, and Steph, who discover their friendship may have run its course; Kelly and Craig - the unexpected parents of an orphaned joey; Nabilah, a surgeon who deals with her aspiring rapper boyfriend Imran's abandonment problems; Luke and Olly's one-year anniversary delivers an unexpected intruder into their relationship; Marion and Eddy, two strangers who are compelled to stay together due to double booking; Charlie and Zeke won't let their trial separation be a problem during their annual beach weekend; sisters Hannah and Alex take a break from their hectic family life to recharge; and Frankie, a troubled teen is shocked to see Trevor, an unannounced guest on her front lawn.

The cast of Summer Love includes Kodie Bedford, Bjorn Stewart, Alison Bell, Patrick Brammall, Harriet Dyer, Kate Mulvany, Nazeem Hussain, and more. Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope created the show, and it is produced by Gristmill.

Summer Love premieres on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, on ABC TV and ABC iview.

How to Watch Summer Love Online From Anywhere

Watching movies and TV shows online is now easier than ever; all you need to do is be in your home country and have access to a provider that has the content available. Since the majority of these services are geo-restricted, you cannot use them while you are traveling abroad. If you're having trouble with this, don't worry. You can change your IP address and appear to be in your home if you use a VPN to watch Summer Love online.

We recommend ExpressVPN because it has thousands of servers around the world and can unblock most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Additionally, a money-back guarantee is provided, allowing you to try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE. Moreover, it guards against security flaws and upholds your online privacy using powerful encryption techniques. This VPN works with a variety of devices, including computers, routers, tablets, smartphones, and more, and is simple to use, especially for beginners.

If you want to bag a great bargain, go to its website and subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% Discount + 3 Months FREE). After downloading the native app for your device or system, you can log in through a sign-in link sent to your email address or an activation code. Next, choose a server from your home country when you turn on the VPN, and then access a streamer to watch Summer Love online from anywhere.

How to Watch Summer Love in Australia for FREE

The best way to watch the anthology series in Australia is on ABC iview - and you can watch it here free of charge. All you need to do is log in or create a free account on the platform.  

A capable VPN will remove geo-restrictions, making it easy for you to watch Summer Love when you're traveling abroad. Just select an Australian server when you turn on the VPN, and you're good to go.

How to Watch Summer Love in the US, UK, and Canada

ABC iview is geo-restricted, meaning you can't access your streaming library on ABC iview outside Australia. But the good news is that you can still watch Summer Love in the US, UK, and Canada on ABC Australia iview, ABC's free video streaming service for people outside Australia. You can find this app on the App Store or GooglePlay store, and your Apple or Google ID's country or region setting has to be changed from Australia to your home country in order to search for and download the app.

We should also mention that although downloading ABC Australia iview is absolutely free, Google and Apple will ask for your payment information to download the app.

Alternatively, you can turn to a reliable VPN to access ABC iview from the US, UK, and Canada. All you need to do is connect to an Australian server - it will lift all geo-blocks, and the tool will change your virtual location by making it seem like you're in Australia.

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