How to Watch Sneakerhead Online From Anywhere

By Ipsita Kabiraj / July 13, 2022

UKTV's entertainment channel Dave is here with a sitcom featuring a gang of disgruntled employees at a budget sportswear store, and we're excited to watch it online. We have all the information you need, including the release date, plot, and who's in the cast, so keep reading to earn where, when, and how to watch Sneakerhead online from anywhere.

Set in Peterborough, Sneakerhead portrays British young working life in a hilarious and contemporary fashion. It features Russel as the lead, the freshly-appointed manager of Sports Depot, a discount sportswear shop. He is a "certified sneakerhead," avoids conflict at all costs, and he isn't there for the money; he works out of love for the trainers! Along with Russel, we also see other employees such as Mulenga, a part-time entrepreneur and future millionaire, and Jemma, who gets super jealous when Russel is promoted. Throughout the show, we will see Russel's role as the manager, and he must deal with many difficult situations, including dealing with thieving youths and firing his best friend. Sneakerhead sheds light on the dismal, underpaid, unmotivated, but ultimately laughable lives of young professionals, bonded by an ironic desire to sell famous sports brands, even if they themselves are least interested in them.

The show's cast includes Hugo Chegwin as Russel, Big Zuu as Mulenga, Francesca Mills as Jemma, Lucia Keskin as Amber, Mark Silcox as Edgars, and Alexa Davies as Claire.

Sneakerhead premieres on UKTV channel Dave on July 13, 2022, and we are going to get 3 episodes this season which will air consecutively.

How to Watch Sneakerhead Online From Anywhere

When you are at home, you can easily watch your favorite shows on live TV or through a streaming service. However, you won't be able to access your library if you're traveling abroad, as you'll face geo-restrictions due to licensing agreements. You can avoid this issue if you use a VPN to watch Sneakerhead online, as it will allow you to bypass geo-blocks and appear as if you are in your home country.

We recommend ExpressVPN, as it can unblock most streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc., and has thousands of servers across the globe. This VPN is beginner-friendly and compatible with many devices, such as phones, tablets, computers, routers, etc. It also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE. Moreover, it shields you from security breaches and protects your privacy online with strong encryption protocols.

You can easily create an account on its website and subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% Discount + 3 Months FREE). This is when you can proceed to download the native app for your device or system and log in through a sign-in link sent to your email address or an activation code. You can then pick a server from your home country after turning on the VPN and access a streamer to watch Sneakerhead online from anywhere.

How to Watch Sneakerhead in the UK

As we mentioned earlier, Sneakerhead will premiere on UKTV's Dave on July 13. If you're in the UK, you can watch Sneakerhead for FREE on UKTV Play, Dave's on-demand TV service. UKTV Play provides access to shows and documentaries from Dave, Drama, W, and Yesterday. We must also mention that you can watch UKTV Play with your PC, laptop, mobile, tablet, TV, set-top box, or with streaming services.

You'll be happy to know that you can watch Sneakerhead with the help of the UKTV Play app available on the 4th generation and later Apple TV boxes, on all Roku streaming players, all new Now boxes, Fire TV boxes and sticks, and Chromecast.

If you have an Entertainment Pass as part of your NOW subscription, you can also watch Sneakerhead with the help of box sets from Gold. NOW's Entertainment Membership costs £9.99 a month after a 7-day free trial.

A trustworthy VPN will remove geo-restrictions, making it easy for you to watch Sneakerhead while traveling abroad. Just select a UK server when you turn on the VPN, and you're good to go.

How to Watch Sneakerhead in the US, Canada, and Australia

Unfortunately, Dave is only available in the UK and Ireland, and we didn't find any streaming services where you can watch the show in the US, Canada, and Australia. But don't worry, there's still a way for you to watch Sneakerhead from these countries.

All you need is to use a reliable and secure VPN to access UKTV Play and watch the show. This tool will lift all geo-blocks and change your virtual location by making it seem like you're in the UK. Remember to connect to a UK server when you turn on the VPN and enjoy watching the show as it airs.

Sneakerhead Episodes Release Schedule

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