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How to Watch Buckhead Shore Online From Anywhere

Written by Ipsita Kabiraj
Published on June 23, 2022

MTV is here with a highly anticipated Jersey Shore spinoff based in Buckhead, Georgia, and we're excited to watch the reality series online. We have everything you need to know, including the release date and an exciting cast, so let's see where, when, and how to watch Buckhead Shore online from anywhere.

Buckhead Shore follows a small group of close friends, lovers, and exes on summer vacation, so get ready for lots of laughs, conflicts, hookups, and outlandish drama. Viewers will be able to watch the group have fun-filled days and wild nights in Atlanta's Beverly Hills of the South. Buckhead Shore is a spinoff of Jersey Shore, which premiered in 2009, and ended in 2012. The franchise extended with Floribama Shore in 2017 and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in 2018.

The cast of Buckhead Shore includes JuJu Barney, Katie Canham, Savannah Gabriel, Adamo Giraldo, Parker Lipman, Bethania Locke, Pat Muresan, Chelsea Prescott, and DJ Simmons. Juju, also known as the "King of Clubs," is the son of Michael "Magic" Barney, owner of the popular strip club Magic City; Adamo is the life of the party; Savannah is on the show with her boyfriend Parker and his ex Katie (the "queen bae"); Pat is Parker's close friend and bodyguard; Bethania is nicknamed "heart of the lake" by her friends as she often acts as a mediator when things turn awry; Chelsea is full of "charm and chaos;" and DJ Simmons is the son of Grammy-winning artist Daryl Simmons.

Buckhead Shore premieres on MTV, on Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 9 PM ET.

How to Watch Buckhead Shore Online From Anywhere

The ease with which you can watch content online has increased over the years - all you need is to be in your country and use a streaming platform that hosts the title. But when you travel internationally, you will find that most of these services are geo-restricted, and you can't access your streaming library. Don't worry; there's an easy fix for this - you can use a VPN to watch Buckhead Shore online, as it will change your IP address to make it seem like you're back home.

One of the most trusted VPNs on the market right now is ExpressVPN. With thousands of fast and secure servers in over 90 countries, it provides stable connections and strong encryption to protect your data. You can try ExpressVPN for 30 days RISK-FREE and unblock content on almost all streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more.

You can easily subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% discount and 3 Months FREE) on its website. This is when you can proceed to download the native app for your device or system and log in through a sign-in link sent to your email address or an activation code. Pick a server from your home country when you turn on the VPN, and you'll be able to watch Buckhead Shore easily.

How to Watch Buckhead Shore in the US Without Cable

If you're in the US, you can watch the reality show on Paramount Plus by paying $4.99 per month after a 7-day free trial for the cheapest plan with limited ads. If you want to watch content completely ad-free, you can opt for its Premium plan for $9.99 per month. Additionally, you can get the Paramount+ and Showtime bundle for $11.99 monthly.

We should mention that you can also add Paramount+ as a Prime Channel on Amazon Prime Video for $9.99 per month (without ads) after a 7-day free trial. The Prime Membership costs $14.99 per month, with a generous 30-day free trial period.

You can watch Buckhead Shore on SlingTV - prices start from $35 per month, but right now, you can get 50% off your first month on the platform. After selecting a base plan, you need to add Comedy Extra for $6 per month to get MTV.

Viewers can also watch the show on Hulu + Live TV because it has MTV in its channel lineup. A subscription to the service will set you back by $69.99 per month, but you can get ESPN Plus and Disney Plus for free as part of a special deal.

fuboTV also offers MTV in all its plans, so you can definitely watch episodes of the Jersey Shore spinoff on this service. A subscription will cost you $69.99 per month onwards, after a 7-day free trial.

Another option is YouTube TV, which provides 120 channels, including MTV. If you want to watch the show on this platform, you need to pay $54.99 per month for 3 months, then $64.99 monthly, after a 5-day free trial.

Lastly, you can fall back on DirecTV Stream, which offers MTV in all its bundles. The most economical option is the Entertainment plan, which costs $54.99 monthly for the first 2 months, and $69.99 monthly after that. This offer is available for new customers and in select sales channels only.

Most steamers are geo-blocked due to licensing agreements, so you can use a capable VPN to watch Buckhead Shore while traveling abroad. You can pick a US server, turn on the VPN and access the platform for easy streaming.

How to Watch Buckhead Shore in Canada

MTV shows usually air on CTV in Canada, and you can even find Jersey Shore there, so keep an eye on the platform in case Buckhead Shore drops there after its US premiere.

Paramount Plus is available in Canada and usually hosts MTV content, but the platform's streaming library could be different from that of the US version due to licensing deals. If you find the show on Paramount+ Canada, it will cost you $5.99 monthly after a week-long free trial.

You can use a dependable VPN to watch the series while traveling abroad. This tool will remove all geo-restrictions you may face; just pick a server from your home country when you turn on the VPN before accessing a streamer.

How to Watch Buckhead Shore in Australia

In Australia, you can usually find MTV shows (including Floribama Shore and Jersey Shore: Family Vacation) on Binge, but nothing has been announced at the time of writing this article.

You can also access Paramount Plus in Australia for AU $8.99 per month after a 1-week trial period, so definitely check this service for Buckhead Shore.

A powerful VPN will remove geo-restrictions, making it easy to watch Buckhead Shore when you're traveling abroad. Just select an Australian server when you turn on the VPN, and you're good to go.

Can I Watch Buckhead Shore in the UK?

Unfortunately, we did not find a service/network that hosts Buckhead Shore in the UK, so you may not be able to watch it. Sorry!

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