How to install iOS 11 Beta without a Developer Account

By TechNadu Staff / June 12, 2017

The Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2017 which took place on June 6th had some interesting hardware and software announcements. As expected, iOS 11 was announced at the conference and with it came the first Beta version for the developers. iOS 11 includes a string of new features and improvements such as a redefined App Store and Control Center, unified Notification cCenter smarter Siri, Screen recorder etc.

The iOS Beta version has been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If you have a Developer account (which costs $99 USD per year), you can easily download and install the Beta version and try out the new features.

But if you do not have a Developer account and still wish to use iOS 11, there’s a way for that too.

On which devices is iOS 11 compatible?

Now before you get excited about using iOS 11 Beta, make sure that your device can support it. If your device is among any of those mentioned below, you are good to go.

Install iOS Beta without Developer Account:

If your device can support iOS 11 and if you are ready to take a little risk, you can download and install the beta version. Just download the configuration profile and install it like any other software update.

Step 1: Launch Safari browser and go to

Step 2: Tap Download. Now you’ll be directed to iOS Beta Software Profile.

Step 3: Tap Install and you’ll be asked to enter your passcode.

Step 4: Tap Install again.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to Restart your device.

Step 6: After the device is rebooted, go to Settings and select General

Step 7: Tap on Software Update. The iOS 11 Developer Beta page will appear.

Step 8: Tap Download and Install.

The update has a size of about 1.9GB. After the download is complete, you are ready to use iOS 11 Beta version.

Things to be noted:

Now you are all set to enjoy the new features of iOS 11. Also, note that the beta version is updated regularly and you will receive it as soon as they are released. But keep in mind that the bugs in the beta version might slow down your device.

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