HBO Max Expands to 39 New Territories Beyond the U.S.

By Bill Toulas / June 30, 2021

HBO Max is (hopefully) leaving its technical problems behind and is now expanding to 39 new territories in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is the first step outside the United States for the already highly successful streaming platform, and to celebrate the fact, it is offering a 50% discount for new subscriptions done from the new areas. This special offer will last until July 31, 2021, so there’s still a full month left to take advantage of it. This price will remain in place indefinitely as long as the subscription is maintained.

Moreover, U.S. subscribers who travel to the 39 territories that have been added (and also vice versa) will be able to enjoy their tiers while traveling abroad. Speaking of which, the only tier that won’t be made available in the new areas is the ad-supported one that HBO launched at the beginning of June. This low-cost plan will not be offered to new subscribers, but considering the massive discount option, it may not make much sense for them at this moment.

The platform will offer the following two plans in the new territories:

To increase the chances of being embraced by Latin American audiences, HBO Max has promised to produce over a hundred local originals in the next couple of years. In addition to this, HBO Max will offer matches of the UEFA Champions League to users in Brazil and Mexico, as both of these countries love soccer/football.

The launch of HBO Max in Latin America and the Caribbean is only the first step in the wider effort to roll out the platform globally. According to the relevant announcement, the next step will be to expand to Europe, which will happen later in the year.

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