Hacker Claims to Have Access to Apple Global Service Exchange Tool

By Nitish Singh / June 4, 2018

The Global Service Exchange which is used by Apple Care professionals to handle repairs and service requests has been allegedly hacked. An unnamed hacker claims to have access to user information from the system. The information is available for sale on Twitter.

News websites have reached out to the hacker to verify his claims and were met with positive responses. The hacker successfully revealed information like model, type, and series of devices when serial numbers were sent to him for verification. However, information like Apple ID details or other associated account information was not provided by him. It is unclear if the hacker has access to AppleID accounts or not.

An Apple insider downplayed the whole situation claiming that the hacker has access to only a test version of the tool that is used for development purposes only. The system contains dummy data with valid hardware information, but not any personal account information like warranty data, source, and connected accounts.

When the claims of the hacker were challenged, he chose not to respond. Access to the tool is still available for sale, and no action has been taken by Apple yet. The tech giant has not made an official statement on the situation yet. The company is being targeted actively as of late with hackers trying to extort money or scam users who are gullible. In 2017, millions of AppleID records were alleged to have been stolen, and users were contacted to pay a ransom unless they wanted their data to be wiped. Later it was found that the claims by the hackers were blown out of proportions and the attackers did not follow through with data wipes despite ransoms not being paid.

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