Group Running Sexually Exploitative Websites Convicted in the U.S.

By Bill Toulas / August 19, 2021

Four residents of Florida in the United States have been charged and convicted for their role and involvement in an international enterprise that operated websites that were actually sexually exploiting children. The internet business is named ‘Newstar Enterprise,’ and it operated several websites that were supposedly dedicated to children modeling. The firm was luring underage models from Ukraine, Moldova, and other Eastern European countries and took sexually explicit images and videos of them to sell them to third parties.

In total, ‘Newstar Enterprise’ produced over 4.6 million sexualized images and videos depicting minors engaging in explicit conduct, wearing inappropriate clothing, and posing provocatively. In many cases, the children depicted in these images and videos are as young as six years old, and their parents decided to victimize them mainly due to poverty. This is why Newstar Enterprise was promoting itself so aggressively to Eastern Europe, as finding families willing to provide them with the material was easier.

The websites operated by ‘Newstar Enterprise’ offered a membership scheme where supposed modeling agents could subscribe. Still, obviously, most of them were not professionals in the field but persons keen to pay for child abuse material. The website operators even used a bogus jewelry company and fraudulent bank accounts opened in its name to receive the money from these subscriptions and then distribute it to Newstar Enterprise members.

The charged individuals are the following:

The defendants will also forfeit $9.4 million, which can be traced back to the offenses as well as any real property they hold and located in Florida.

This is yet another reminder that one cannot mask child abuse on the pretense of anything and expect to go unnoticed by the authorities. Even when someone tries to blackmail low-income families privately on Facebook and force them to have their children exposed, law enforcement agents will find it out and justice will be served.

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