‘Google TV’ Brings More Than Just a Polished Version of the ‘Android TV’

By Bill Toulas / October 2, 2020

‘Google TV’ has been announced along with the new Chromecast streaming device this week, and while it’s built and works upon ‘Android TV,’ it’s not just a polished version of the operating system. It’s a nicely designed new interface meant to bring content consumption through Google’s ecosystem to today’s reality.

That would be to support multiple streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Disney+ and bring them all under a single, streamlined UI. Live TV integration is also there, with over 85 channels accessible through YouTube TV subscriptions.

So, does this mean that Google TV is a content aggregation app that runs on Android TV? It is that, and it’s even more than just that. Everything that users got previously, like the relaxing Ambient mode, photos or videos cast from smartphones to the TV, and buying stuff from Play Movies, are present on Google TV. Google has also promised to bring Stadia support in Q1-Q2 2021, so this is on the way as well, although not there yet.

As shown in the following video from the actual presentation, there’s even more like Nest integration, Google Assistant support, user-specific suggestions, and more.

Google TV is being distributed as an app via the Play Store, but since it’s so early in its development phase, not all of the planned features have been implemented, and the presently available ones don’t work as expected every time. That is why you’ll generally see not-so-favorable reviews from the millions of users who already downloaded the app. Don’t get discouraged from giving it a try, though, and it’s definitely going to get there update by update.

Besides the new Chromecast - which supports the new ‘Google TV’ of course - the app will also land on Android TVs and TV boxes/sticks sometime in 2021. As for the promotional launch offers, there are three of those.

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