Google Tests ‘Zero Results’ Pages by Answering Your Mobile Queries Directly

By Nitish Singh / November 26, 2018

If you use Google for conversions, checking the time in specific locations or use it as a handy calculator, then you may have noticed some major changes to the search engine. Google has been testing some changes that completely eliminate search results for some queries and directly offer you the answer. While the company has restored functionality of the search engine to what it used to be, we may be seeing some major changes in the near future.

The changes were being tested over the past few days, and it left a lot of Google users confused. If you run into search results with only the answer to your query listed, you will need to click on a 'Show all results' button to view the standard suite of results. The change was visible to mobile users only and depending on how the company thinks best to implement the change, we may see it in the coming weeks. We may also have more categories of queries added to the pool to make the search engine a great tool for finding information.

After users raised questions about what is going on with the search engine, the tech giant clarified in an official statement. Google revealed that its goal is to help users get access to information quickly and using the search engine for calculations, conversions or local time often means that a user simply checks the answer displayed by the search engine instead of opening subsequent URLs. The change is a means of lowering the load times for results, and the change can improve user experience according to the company.

New Google Shortened Search Results

The company’s official statement revealed, “Since our initial experiment in February, we worked to remove ads and improve the triggering quality for this experience to be sure that we’re serving users what they’re looking for, and we will still provide the option to tap to see more results.

While in theory, this change is great -  not everyone is excited. Many users reported the feature to be far from perfect. For example, users were unable to list brand names or get information from dating websites. The feature is still in its test phase, and we can expect kinks to be ironed out before it is released globally.

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