Google reveals an Android app that Spy on your phone calls, SMS, and internet history as well

By TechNadu Staff / April 15, 2017

Recently Google has revealed a new spyware that can track the information of calls, messages and internet history as well as spy on people through their smartphones camera and microphone.

Android devices are affected by Malware or spyware. We have a better idea to detect the Android malware and also shared some method to get rid of them. According to the report, that 21 Android smartphones that have pre-installed malware, shocked news that Google had just revealed a new kind of spyware which can track your calls, messages and internet history.

Researchers on the security front at Google and Lookout have come across the spyware that can spy on your handset.

They spy on users by hacking their smartphone camera and microphone as well as track calls, messages, internet history and more christened Chrysaor and had some link to Pegasus which is a program that targeted iPhone users in the year 2016.

Pegasus was developed by an Israeli firm NSO Group technologies. Last week, Google and Lookout announced their discoveries.

Now, it is not available in the play store, it has been detected on 36 devices mainly the country of Isreal followed by Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Kenya & others. NSO Group Technologies has been accused of developing Smartphone hacking software and selling them to spy agencies all across the world.

"To install Chrysaor, we believe an attacker coaxed specifically targeted individuals to download the malicious software onto their device, Once Chrysaor is installed, a remote operator is able to surveil the victim’s activities on the device and within the vicinity, leveraging microphone, camera, data collection, and logging and tracking application activities on communication apps such as phone and SMS” Google said.

Chrysaor has also been found to have a self-destruct mode. Researcher Michael Flossman said that "if it feels like it's going to be found". One thing that you do not install the software from sources you don't know about it or you will update the software with the latest security patches.

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