Google planned to remove Hangout’s send and receive SMS messages

By TechNadu Staff / March 25, 2017

Earlier this month, Google decided to vanish the SMS option in Google Hangouts. In a leaked email sent by Google to its G-Suite administration, Google is focusing on terminating the SMS feature from May 22.

Google already has a confusing number of messaging service aside from Hangouts, and the company launched Allo, Video-centric Duo. Meanwhile, Android messages have replaced Messenger as Android phone’s default chatting apps.

Users of Hangouts’ Android app will see a message from March 27th informing them of the upcoming removal of SMS functions. If they have another chat app installed, Hangouts will ask them to select it as the default;

People use Google Voice Hangouts will not be affected, only the SMS service will be taken down and the non-user on Hangouts on Android, obviously there is no notification in it.

By using Slack, the business chat app by Microsoft prompted Google to tighten the specification of chat app, including Hangouts. The Slack app is a collaborative messaging tool, then let people join discussion on the project, share the information and discussing result, it is mainly for business purpose.

This email is not confirmed, but it is an alert message to this change of customer service enterprise.

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