Google Duplex Demo is Now Available For Google Employees

By Goran Spasojevic / May 19, 2018

Yesterday, the Google employees have received the demo of Google Duplex at the weekly TGIF meeting. The executives at the company used this meeting to share more details about the new features. We do not have more details whether the demo was actually live or the employees had the opportunity to see some new recordings.

During the Google's I/O 2018, the company presented Google Duplex by playing the recording of an improved Google Assistant's demo conversation. The Assistant is now able to speak more naturally and sound almost like a human. This caused many users to express their worries openly since the person on the other side of the line was led to believe that they are talking to a real human. The topic quickly became a controversial one.

Google Duplex Demo

Image Courtesy Of Medium

On one side of the story, the technological improvement brought by Google Duplex is astonishing. On the other side, many users remained terrified of the fact that they too could one day talk on the phone and wonder if the person they are talking to is a real one. There is also a problem of Assistant recording the call without our knowledge and consent.

This is why Google has now again repeated itself by saying that Assistant would explicitly identify itself at the top of the call so that a person answering the call knows who they are talking to. During the demo at I/O 2018, we have also seen that the Assistant starts the conversation saying that they are calling on behalf of the user. These features are necessary for the Assistant to work in order to abide the two-party consent laws. These laws exist in 11 US states including Google's home state of California.

How will people react once they are aware that they are talking to Google Assistant instead of a real person, remains to be seen in the future.

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