Latest Google Chromebook Promo Mocks Microsoft and Apple Laptops

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on July 31, 2018

Google released a new Chromebook promo video to take a jab at laptops on offer by Microsoft and Apple. While both of Google’s biggest competitors enjoy stellar user figures, it does not seem to bother the tech giant as it showcases ways in which Windows and MacOS are inferior to Google’s own platform.

The video shows off some of the biggest annoyances users face when using Windows and MacOS laptops. One of the most common issues of Windows and MacOS is the need to download and install updates without any option of them installing in the background. Chrome OS allows background installs for all updates and auto-updates ensure that you are on the latest version of Chrome OS always. Chromebook laptops have come a long way since launch with stellar hardware upgrades and new features being added to Google’s platform.

The video highlights issues like repeated login requests on MacOS, blue screens of death on Windows, error reports on both platforms and more. Chromebook devices are fairly more stable and easier to use. While the video will not make Windows or Mac users leave their laptops in favor of a Chromebooks, it is nice to see tech companies joke about each other once in a while.

Chromebook devices are not only free from most error messages that you would find on laptops from other platforms, but Google has managed to keep Chrome OS relatively virus-free. One of the biggest weaknesses of Google’s laptops is the lack of desktop-grade media editing tools, but that is set to change with Adobe bringing desktop-grade editing tools via Project Rush to the platform with all the bells and whistles of the desktop version of Adobe's flagship apps.

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