Google Making Chrome OS 67 Mightier Than Ever

By Sajwar Sohail / June 8, 2018

Google has announced that it is finally rolling out Chrome OS 67 to Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. The latest Chrome OS is mightier than ever and the company is introducing everything it previously lacked. Chromebook users are usually content with what they are getting. However, a small percentage complains about the fewer apps available on Chrome OS.

But now, the search engine behemoth is going a long way to rectify this issue with its Chrome OS 67 by debuting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for the desktop. They tend to appear on the home screen like regular apps and also launch in a similar manner. Thereby, they are reliable and fast since the service workers can easily cache all the required assets.

This is not it! Google is also making it easier for users who own a tablet by rolling out a dedicated design for tablets as it will have ‘Touchable material 2.0’ design for tablets while an added support for Progressive Web Apps on Desktop. What’s better is that Google has also fixed security issues and bugs and rolled out ADB support.

Google listed the full official changelog in its official blog post. The changes include:

As per Google, it will take a couple of days before all users can update to the newer Chrome OS.

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