Google Chrome Labs Announces Squoosh, All New Photo Editing App

By Nitish Singh / November 13, 2018

Squoosh is Google Chrome Labs’ latest offering amongst its large suite of experimental web apps. The web app offers advanced photo optimization features directly on your web browser and is designed to be as quick as possible. Google has recommended using Squoosh with Chrome, but you can try it out on any web browser.

Squoosh will be available to not only Chrome users but also to other browsers on any platform. While there are a number of in-browser photo editors already available Chrome Labs designed the app to be as fast as possible as a means of showcasing the capability of modern-day web browsers.

Once you Squoosh on your browser, you can use it without internet as all features are completely offline. The app can convert and optimize your images and includes not only your standard JPEG and PNG formats but also OptiPNG, MozJPG, and WebP. The app offers a real-time preview to see the output using a slider that lets you switch back and forth between the “Before” and “After” images.

Squoosh is open source, and you can check out the app’s code online in the GitHub repository if you are interested in knowing more about the development process. Google’s new offering was first showcased at the Chrome Dev Summit, and the app is quite fast at processing images. With WebAssembly being implemented, the app is capable of using image codecs that are not natively available in the standard web browser. While it may not have the full-fledged features of something like Adobe Photoshop, it offers enough features and speed to edit images on the go without needing your go-to desktop photo editor.

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