Google Chrome Will Soon Block Malicious Websites That Hijack Your ‘Back’ Button

By Nitish Singh / December 19, 2018

One of the most frustrating online experiences that users have is landing on a malicious website and not being able to go back. Malicious websites manage to freeze your browser's 'Back button' by adding dummy history files to your browser to render your back button unusable. Chrome developers have found a solution to such malicious practices and will be implementing protection measures in a future update.

The upcoming update will allow Chrome to detect any dummy history files and render them ineffective. The changes were first spotted in Chromium’s code. The browser is configured to not only automatically detect dummy history entries but also flag all websites that deploy them.

An upcoming update to Chrome should allow the browser to ignore all false history entries completely. Even if users end up on malicious websites, they will be able to use the back button normally. With online security and malware becoming concerning topics for every Internet user, it is important for browsers and operating systems to be more vigilant than ever about malicious apps and activity.

There is no word on when the countermeasure will be implemented to Chrome, and it is yet to feature in the latest build of Chrome's beta version. We can expect to wait at least a few weeks before we can test out the update on Chrome and the full version of the browser will receive the update soon after.

It’s not just Chrome that stands to benefit from the security update. Microsoft announced that its flagship Edge browser will soon be based on the Chromium project and users will be able to use the UWP apps from Microsoft as well as all plugins that are available from Google’s Web Store for Chrome.

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