Google App 8.4 Suggests New Features Along With The Assistant Improvements

By Goran Spasojevic / May 19, 2018

During the I/O 2018, Google announced a number of new features for its several different products. Within the recently updated Google app, lies a compiled code suggesting the new features that might or might not be implemented in the future.

Once the files of Google APK are decompiled, users can see various lines of code that serve as a hint for the upcoming features.

Obviously, a major change regarding the Assistant redesign is already familiar to the public. The company openly discussed this topic on Google I/O 2018. New interface aims toward a more interactive environment and a better assistance. Within the new design, the Assistant will always show weather information after greeting the user, and below that, a carousel of action suggestions will be presented.


Image Courtesy Of: 9to5Google

The next section below that is called "Coming for you" and it will note future events and shortcuts to make an event in Calendar or as a reminder. There is also a section "Keep track of things" which shows the information like the stock price. Among many smaller new features, there is a compact view for the Assistant pane.

Another new feature that we've found out about is the Assistant agenda. This section is integrated within the previously mentioned "Coming up for you" feature.

With the new design, comes a new font. The company mentioned this on the I/O 2018 too while talking about the Google Sans. This new font will be different from Product Sans, and it will appear in many new products from Google.

The decompiled APK also showed us Assistant for Households feature. This communal Google Home experience aims to improve the shared Assistant speaker experience.

Google is also working hard on fine-tuning the articles for each user specifically. Just like in Google News, users will be able to choose their own interests and get the stories they are more likely to read.

And finally, a Read More feature in the app's version 8.4 gives us the ability to keep articles offline and store them on our device in order to read them later. Once downloaded, the content will be kept on the device for 7 days in order to avoid cluttering up the device.

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